Jacksons Brickworks Site History
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Site History

Brick Works Established

Clay Pits Emerging

Clay Pits Expanded

Site Disused

Former Industrial Use


The site is a former brickworks, historically owned by the brick makers J&A Jackson Ltd – one of the major producers of brick in the city. As such, it forms part of the industrial heritage of Manchester.


The site was historically used for the extraction of clay and the firing of bricks in a kiln. This process left large clay pits, which were subsequently infilled with waste. As a result, the ground conditions on the site are heavily contaminated below ground.

The site has subsequently been left vacant for several decades. It has attracted antisocial behaviour and further contamination through flytipping, as well as extensive growth of invasive species including Japanese knotweed. Planning approval was granted in October 2021 to remediate the whole site, and remediation works are set to commence in 2022.

Due to the existing condition of the former Jackson’s Brickworks Site it is extremely costly and difficult to regenerate – however, YHG are committed to delivering a successful development that will meet the needs of the community and future residents.

Site photos showing current fly tipping and site pollution above ground; and site investigation pit, showing historic dumping of waste and contaminants under ground.