Jacksons Brickworks Existing Regeneration Context
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Existing Regeneration Context

The site is strategically located within the context of major regeneration areas, including the emerging Northern Gateway and New East Manchester. This prime vacant site can bring regeneration benefits to the local area in Newton Heath.

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Locating required new housing in proximity to the city centre ensures impact of future development on Manchester’s Road network is kept to a minimum.


The highly accessible and well-connected location enables new residents to travel using sustainable mobility options, including walking, cycling, and public transport.

Local Facilities
and Centres

This well-located brownfield site will help the district centre at Newton Heath to thrive, and support businesses in the surrounding area.


There is potential to provide some local amenities and facilities on site to benefit the new neighbourhood and surrounding community, including a new secondary school, new shared sports facilities, and a community zone.  The proposed development will also enhance cycling and walking connections to the District Centre and other destinations across the local area.

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Green Spaces

The site enjoys good accessibility to a range of outdoor spaces, and will knit in to existing active travel networks and nature corridors extending from the city centre to the peaks.


The design will enhance the setting of the canal corridor, and deliver green amenity on-site, improving local access to public open space.