Jacksons Brickworks Emerging Masterplan
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Emerging Masterplan

The emerging masterplan illustrates our initial ideas for the development.
We would like to hear your thoughts on these emerging proposals.

The future redevelopment includes two sites, the former Jackson’s Brickworks Site and a triangular shaped site to the west of Ten Acres Lane.

The site to the west of Ten Acres Lane has only recently been added into the masterplan development proposed by Your Housing Group, and as such the detailed site analysis hasn’t been progressed as far.


It is intended that both sites will be redeveloped concurrently, with the same design principles, and the application for re-development will include proposals for both sites.

Landscape and Open Space

The masterplan seeks to enhance the green character of the canal edge, retaining existing quality trees where possible. It will also retain existing quality vegetation, and enhance landscaping along other edges of the site to soften and create a green visual buffer to the development.


An attractive landscaped public open space is proposed at the heart of the new
neighbourhood, as a focal point for the community. Passing through this space, a key green link is proposed, connecting Hallam Road to the canal for pedestrians and cyclists.


By integrating landscape features within the streets and spaces, including street trees, pollinator-friendly shrub and herbacious planting, and rain gardens, the scheme aims to create a nature-rich place.

Access and Movement

The masterplan seeks to ensure traffic movement is properly managed to minimise impact on the surrounding road network. The main access will be taken from Ten Acres Lane, with limited vehicular access from Hallam Road and Mitchell Street to prevent rat running.


The development will balance appropriate levels of parking for future residents and the provision of electric charging points for vehicles, whilst also encouraging other modes of travel.


The development will be integrated into the surrounding street network, allowing pedestrians and cyclists to easily move through attractive internal streets and spaces, and connect with the canal corridor and the footbridge crossings.


Ample secure cycle parking will be built in. This will help to maximise the benefits of the fantastic public transport links in the area, and encourage the use of sustainable and active transport.


The proposed development will provide approximately 1,000 new residential units across the two sites, and approximately 50% will be affordable housing. There is a real opportunity to create a meaningful heart to the new development through the co-location of the proposed secondary school (including sports pitches with potential to be shared by the community) and a community zone at the centre
of the site.


Locating these facilities at the heart of the new development, adjacent to the canal and on a key green link through the site will ensure that this becomes a true community space, for both existing and new residents as well as users of the canal towpath. There is also an opportunity to incorporate play provision within the new


By creating ‘active edges’, with homes facing onto the existing streets of Ten Acres Lane and Mitchell Street, as well as providing residential development along the canal, the development will improve the appearance and safety of these key routes.