Jacksons Brickworks Emerging Design Principles
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Emerging Design Principles

The following design principles have been developed to help shape and guide the future development of the site. We would like to hear your views on whether you think these design principles are right as an overarching framework for the site.

All precedent images are for illustrative purposes only

A Place with Heart


X Community zone located at the heart of the development
X Bring people together to encourage social interaction
X A place to relax and enjoy views of the canal
X Focal points for activity and inclusive play
X Community facilities to activate the ground floor and the public realm
X Landmark building to create a focal point for the development
X Potential school positioned to activate public realm
X Promote health and well-being through high quality landscaped spaces


Social Spaces that bring people together

School at the heart of the community

Public Space for All


X A variety of green spaces to cater for all users and age groups
X Accessible green spaces for all through enhanced pedestrian and cycle connections
X Stimulating sensory landscape qualities
X Safe and attractive environments for children to play
X Mix of private, semi-private and public green spaces including pocket parks and central community park
X Protected privacy through careful arrangement and design
X Secure spaces by design through active frontages, natural surveillance and lighting


Safe, overlooked green spaces integrated into the development

Stimulating, native landscape that references the sensory qualities and pioneer species on site

Reaches Out Draws In


X Safe and attractive connections to existing neighbourhoods
X Encourage sustainable modes of transport with integrated pedestrian and cycle connections
X A network of legible streets and connections
X High quality public realm at pedestrian crossings
X Welcoming and functional spaces to draw people in


Safe and attractive pedestrian routes that connect to and through the development

Increased height and corner details at key arrival points to the development

Celebrate the Canal


X Utilise characterful locks as touch points with new development
X Orientate homes to activate the canal and improve safety through overlooking
X Utilise canal as biodiverse corridor and strategic movement route
X Opportunity to maximise views of the canal and benefit of being close to the water
X Promoting accessibility to the canal towpath and link bridges by providing new connections and activation through the site


Existing lock along site boundary – opportunity to celebrate and integrate into development

Opportunities to be close to the water within an attractive and safe environment

Reference Heritage


X Celebrate Industrial heritage and showcase brick
X Victorian era townscape character influences the buildings – terraced houses, continuous lines, window proportions and gable ends to create variety and interest
X Architectural character to be a modern interpretation of the Victorian era townscape,
X Street pattern to be influenced by historic context


Historic materiality to draw upon within the new development

Multiple colours of brick create variation and interest within a continuous urban form

Design for Social Connection


X Public realm details designed to encourage social interaction
X Scales of privacy (private/semi-private/public)
X Pocket parks to encourage localised socialising and safe play in proximity to homes
X Community zone with centralised/shared facilities at the heart of the neighbourhood
X Opportunities for play


Doors and windows with seating and green space to create safe, communal spaces

Lifetime Neighbourhood


X Diverse community
X Intergenerational
X Pepper-potting (a variety of different house types and tenures, distributed across the scheme to ensure social integration)
X Tenure blind: high quality design for all
X To provide a diverse housing choice for local people and new residents across all tenures in accordance with Manchester’s Residential Quality Guidance.
X A commitment to entering a community use agreement such that school sports and recreation provision can be used by the local community alongside the school’s core requirements.


Designed for all ages

A Sustainable Place


X Use of sustainable materials in the built form
X Landscape areas that capture and store carbon from the atmosphere
X Enable sustainable lifestyle choices and encourage use of sustainable and active transport
X Provision of electric vehicle charging points across the site
X This heavily contaminated site will be fully remediated, allowing for new landscape areas within the development which have been designed to maximise biodiversity gain
X Promotion of sustainable transport options as the principal form of mobility for each of the residential, community and school uses



X Landscape buffer along the canal with native tree and shrub planting
X Diverse green spaces with managed hedgerows, native meadows and swales
X Network of green corridors and front gardens linked to the canal
X Approximately 600 new trees (residential development) on the cleared and remediated site
X Sustainable Urban Drainage Solutions
X Species rich native planting, wild flower meadows and grassland to encourage wildlife habitat


SUDs and native planting to capture carbon, enhance biodiversity and improve air quality

Encourage cycling with covered, safe and secure, and attractive cycle storage