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Public consultation extended until 6th March

Following the public consultation in December 2021, we have made some changes to our plans. We want to hear your thoughts so we have launched a further consultation until the 6th March.  Click the button below to view the changes.

Your Housing Group are proposing to bring forward proposals to remediate and clean up the existing condition of the Jackson’s Brickworks Site, and redevelop it to create a new residential neighbourhood.

This will include delivery of a range of new homes including affordable housing and a new secondary school with sports provision which would be accessible to local communities under a community use agreement.


On Wednesday 8th December, we hosted a public exhibition of the plans. You can view the exhibition boards by clicking here.

We know how important these emerging plans are to the people who live here and the surrounding community, and we would like to engage with you at this early stage.

Following the consultation on the remediation application which took place in late 2020, we are now in a position to consult on the masterplan and detail of Phase One.

This is the second phase of consultation.


Your views and opinions are important to us and we would appreciate your input to shape our proposals, this will ensure that the most appropriate scheme comes forward for the community and its surroundings.

The Jackson’s Brickworks site offers excellent potential to deliver much needed housing in this well connected part of the city.

The potential has long been recognised by MCC who have identified it for regeneration and redevelopment since 1995, and a number of proposals have been submitted for planning permission since.


We understand the importance of getting this project right – both in terms of what is delivered in the area and its contribution to the prosperity and vibrancy of our city.

Proposals at a Glance

The scheme will comprehensively remediate and regenerate the two sites to deliver a sustainable, thriving community through the provision of a wide range of high quality affordable new homes, a new secondary school, new shared sports and other community facilities, improved green infrastructure and provision of enhanced connectivity for cycling and walking through and around the site, in order to improve sustainable transport choices.


Implement Remediation
Application Consent

jacksons brickworks icons-02

High Quality
New Homes

jacksons brickworks icons-03

High Quality Design
and Attractive
Public Spaces

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jacksons brickworks icons-05

Shared Sports



jacksons brickworks icons-06

Improved Green
Infrastructure and
Open Space

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Improved Cycling and Walking Connections


Due to the former use of the Site as a brickworks and it having been left vacant and unmanaged for so many years, the ground conditions are heavily contaminated and there is extensive growth of invasive species including Japanese Knotweed. The current condition of the Site is considered to be a threat to human health.


Strategically located within the context of major regeneration areas, including the emerging Northern Gateway and New East Manchester, this prime vacant site can bring regeneration benefits to the local area in Miles Platting and Newton Heath.



We want to work with communities over the coming months to understand what types of issues we need to consider and address in developing the Site. We have identified the following key considerations which have been central to the work undertaken to date.


Emerging Design Principles

Design principles have been developed to help shape and guide the future development of the site. We would like to hear your views on whether you think these design principles are right as an overarching framework for the site.

Emerging Masterplan

Due to the existing condition of the former Jackson’s Brickworks Site it is extremely difficult and costly to regenerate, however Your Housing Group are committed to delivery a successful development that will meet the needs of the community and future residents.

Project Timeline

An application for remediation of the Site was approved in October 2021. The current condition of the Site is considered to be a hazard to human health so Your Housing Group will work to make the Site safe as soon as possible.

Between 18 and 24 months of remediation work is required. This will allow time for the proposals for redevelopment to go through a rigorous design and consultation process to ensure the high quality redevelopment and associated benefits envisaged by YHG is achieved.


We are now consulting on the next stage of proposals.